Digital Age Learning Series 

Professional Development workshops

The School for Global Education & Innovation (SGEI) is pleased to present another in its series of “Digital Age Learning” workshops for Kean University faculty and staff. In these workshops, we examine contemporary tools and techniques that explore digital age learning. All workshops are free of charge; however, you must register in advance.  All workshops are held in Kean Hall 225, and offered 3:15-4:45 p.m. For further information, email or call 908-737-7132.

 Date Title Presenter(s)
 March 11, 2013 Prezi: A Dynamic Presentation Tool Mike Searson, SGEI
 March 18, 2013 Please Don’t Bring Your Cellphone to Class: Backchannel Chats! Mike Searson, SGEI
 April 02, 2013 Social Media and Mobile Learning in Higher Education: An Overview Leila Sadeghi, Ed Leadership
Mike Searson, SGEI
 April 04, 2013 Google+ (Part 1) Lisa Thumann, SGEI
 April 09, 2013 Online Social Media: Taming the Beast for the Classroom Jeff Toney, VPAA
 April 11, 2013 Google+ (Part 2) Lisa Thumann, SGEI
 April 18, 2013 Repurposing Web and Smart Phone Apps for the Classroom Gregory Shepherd, SGEI
 April 22, 2013 Multiple Intelligences, Humor & Technology in the Classroom: A Practical Approach Katerina Andriotis,
Associate VPAA
 April 25, 2013 Building Online Communications through Google Moderator Lisa Thumann, SGEI