Session Descriptions

Session Descriptions
Allison Marchetti – October 30, 2018
The Power of Reading and Writing Reciprocity
The writer Annie Proulx reminds us that “writing comes from reading and is the finest teacher of how to write.” When we fully tap into the connection between reading and writing, we create rich, balanced learning experiences that uplift and excite student readers and writers. In this workshop, we will explore the power of reading and writing reciprocity through strategies that promote student engagement and empowerment in K-12 literacy.

Tanny McGregor – December 6, 2018 
Everyday Visual Literacy: Engage and Comprehend with Words
Opportunities to explore visual literacy abound! Each invitation to view and notice gives us a reason to decelerate and take a fresh look at the world and ourselves. In this session, let's uncover practical approaches to weave visual literacy into everyday instruction across content areas and in every grade level. The ultimate goal is deeper thinking for everyone, students and teachers alike. This workshop includes a special micro-session about visual notetaking. We’ll take what we’ve learned and apply it with sketchnoting, a versatile thinking tool that provides choice, boosts engagement, and invites deeper comprehension. You'll learn how to get started as a sketchnoter, how to launch this creative practice with students, and see how teachers across grade levels have welcomed sketchnoting into their instructional repertoires. Join Tanny for a day filled with practical, effective instructional strategies for immediate application in the classroom.
Cris Tovani – March 29, 2019
Ramping Up Student Engagement 
 When students are behaviorally, emotionally, and cognitively engaged, learning happens.  Teachers who plan ahead for each type of engagement ensure that more students will not only do the work, but also grow as readers, writers, and thinkers.  During this session, Cris Tovani will share strategies that teach students the behaviors of readers and writers.   Participants will also have an opportunity to explore what makes learning compelling in order to hook students emotionally. When learners see a purpose for their learning, engagement also increases. Cris will share how she plans for cognitive engagement at all levels so that students have agency and urgency in the work they produce.
Kate Roberts- May 23, 2019
DIY Literacy: Creating and Using Teaching Tools to Help Students (Happily) Hold On to Teaching and Work to Their Fullest
Chances are, you are working harder than ever before. Your units are chock-full of powerful lessons that push kids to higher and higher standards of learning. Often our students encounter all of this teaching without always knowing how to hold on to and use it over time. In this session, Kate will introduce a few powerful tools to help students recall and use what has been taught, push themselves to work harder and more effectively, and to find themselves within a packed curriculum. Of course, tools are only as good as the level to which they are used, so Kate will also demonstrate some impactful ways to introduce and use these tools in our everyday work. This will be a fast-paced, interactive workshop, and participants should expect to walk away with a variety of tools to help solve some of the most pernicious problems we face when helping students learn.