Session Descriptions

Session Descriptions
Roz Linder – October 24, 2017 
Authentic Forms of Literacy Assessment
Standardized tests, portfolios, holistic scoring, criterion-referenced assessments- The list of possible reading and writing assessments for teachers to consider sometimes seems endless. In this session, educators explore authentic forms of literacy assessment for diverse learners in grades K-12 while engaging in interactive, hands-on activities as they delve into research-based methods for assessing learning and growth. Participants will leave with easy-to-use strategies to gauge student learning that can be implemented the very next day.
Vicki Vinton- December 7, 2017
Dynamic Teaching for Deeper Reading: Shifting to a Problem-Based Approach
The great educator Jerome Bruner once wrote that, “Being able to ‘go beyond the information’ given to ‘figure things out’ is one of the few untarnishable joys of life.” And in this interactive session, you’ll learn how to set students up to ‘figure things out’ by designing both small and larger inquiries within the framework of balanced literary and reading workshop. Additionally, you’ll learn how to support those inquiries by offering the kind of in-the-moment feedback that John Hattie calls “just in time, just for me, just where I am in the learning process,” and you’ll develop a repertoire of dynamic teaching moves and practices that will help you ‘steer the ship’ of student thinking.
Smokey Daniels- March 27, 2018
The Curious Classroom: Building Knowledge with Student Directed Inquiry
In America’s classrooms, curiosity, passion, and student choice are making a welcome comeback. Inquiry circles and other project teaching approaches are spreading at all grade levels. But teachers wonder: How do I find time for this? What are some manageable pathways toward a more student-centered classroom? In this practical, hands-on session, Smokey will demonstrate ten specific inquiry structures that engage kids, honor their curricular and personal questions, and support them to put their thinking to work in and beyond school. 
Jennifer Serravallo- May 22, 2018 
Strategies and Structures for Teaching Writing           
Drawing from Jen’s bestselling resource The Writing Strategies Book, this workshop will help participants to understand a variety of writing genres and modes, writing process, behaviors, skills, and qualities of good writing.  Participants will then learn how to go beyond writing checklists and tips that tell writers what to do, and instead how to craft explicit, clear strategies that children learn how to do it.  They will also explore effective feedback and prompts to coach writers as they practice strategies for their goals. In the final portion of the day, participants will learn about different methods of teaching (types of individual conferences and small groups) to flexibly respond to students and their needs. Through hands-on activities and video examples of Jen teaching in real classrooms, participants will leave equipped to bring strategies to life in their own rooms right away.